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Our light shows are ideal for both indoor and outdoor events and are the perfect alternative where fire is not permitted.

Click on the images on the right for more images and video, where available.

LED Hula Hoop Show: Our LED Hula hoop show is a fast moving choreographed act featuring two of the most talented hula hoop artistes in the UK. The act features amazing feats of dexterity as they manipulate multiple LED hoops, creating colourful patterns. The show culminates in a 50-hoop stack. This act is suitable as an after dinner cabaret or in more unusual situations such as at a Christmas Lights Switch On in a shopping centre. See here for a demo video.

LED Juggling Shows: Our LED Juggling shows feature a breathtaking display of colour created by two immensely talented jugglers and two world class hula hoop artistes using state-of-the art LED technology to create a kaleidoscope of colour. In addition to their fabulous show, they are also available to do freestyle performances in a strolling or en-passant format. 2- and 3-person versions of the show also available. Click here for a demo video.

Glow Juggler with Glow Suit: We also have available an LED juggler with fabulous glow suit – see the images on the right. This artiste is ideal for bonfire nights, Christmas Lights Switch on events and meet & greet at private or corporate events. He can perform freestyle juggling, or present a stunning choreographed show. Demo video coming soon.

Glow Show with Pixel Poi: This is a high-impact glow show featuring glow staffs and glow poi, performed to a contemporary sound track. This show is augmented with state-of-the-art digital LED technology that allows the artistes to produce full colour images, letters, words and logos in mid air within the show (see the images below right). This allows clients' name, company name or logo to be incorporated into the dramatic finale of the show. Hula hoop and juggling artistes can be added for larger events. Click here for a video demo. A Christmas version is also available- click here for a video of this.

Glow show featuring laser manipulation, choreographed dance and digital effects. Using state of the art equipment, designs and pictures are produced mid-air. The show is set to a high-energy classic soundtrack. This show is suitable for outdoor events and can be performed in light wind and rain. Click for video.

Spectacular illuminated drumming show, featuring synchronised light effects, fabulous costumes and exciting rhythms. Click here for more pictures and video.

Light Painting Photo Booth: A unique take on a photo booth combining traditional photos with state of the art pixel poi and other modern light effects to create unique images as a memento of your event. Click for more details

For larger events, our full Illuminated Circus features acrobatics, cyr wheel, jugglers, aerial hoop, diabolo and LED light staffs, and incorporates state of the art light elements. Number of acts can be tailored to suit the vemnue and budget. For images and a video click here.

Many of our glow performers are also available as freestylers, performing impromptu routines for smaller group sof people where space is limited or where a show is not appropriate. This type of performance is ideal for meet and greet outside your Christmas Party venue, or at Bonfire and Fireworks events.

Also available to complement our light shows, we can provide illuminated stiltwalkers and illuminated human tables.

We also hire out uplighting and illuminated furniture- click here for more on this.

Synchronised Glow Hoverboard Show Illuminated Acrobalance Show Spectacular illuminated drumming act. Click for more...
Illuminated Circus Show Synchronised Glow Dance Show Illuminated Ballet Dancers
Illuminated Aerial Show Unique Light Painting Photo Booth- click for more details Freestyle Pixel Poi performer for Christmas events
Two Man Glow juggling from glow show Four person spectacular glow show - click for demo video Two Person Glow Show
Glowing human table for canapes Two man glow show Glowing Ice Fairy (white lights)
Stunning Illuminated mythical bird LED Smart Hoop show: Click for video. Glow poi from glow hula hoop and poi act- click for video.
Acrobalancing Christmas Pixel Poi Act Acrobalancing Elves with Pixel Light Show Air Pixel Show
Air Pixel Show Christmas Pixel Poi Show- click for video Christmas Pixel Poi Show- click for video
Christmas Pixel Poi Show- click for video Pixel Poi Show- click for video Pixel Poi Show- click for video
Freestyle Pixel Poi performer for Christmas events Effect from spectacular glow show- click for demo video Freestyle Pixel Poi performer: Happy Birthday
Air Pixel Show Air Pixel Show Trio Glow Juggling Show
Lighting and illuminated furniture- click here for more. Air Pixel Show Air Pixel Show











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