Whether you require strolling entertainers to break the ice at the start of your function, flair bar tenders to serve the drinks with pzzaz, en passant entertainment to entertain guests on arrival, or highly visual themed acts to meet and greet guests, we have the selection for you.

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Strolling Entertainment Visual Meet and Greet Spoof and Surprise Entertainment Fire and Light Side Shows Unusual Bar Staff Themed Entertainment
For music for your reception, please see our separate background music roster


Entertainment for receptions and functions












Strolling Entertainment - click to expand/hide
Close Up Magician - To enquire about this act please quote act code brsi


Close up magicians

Close up magic works as an excellent ice breaker at a wide range of functions. Our roster of magicians ranges from traditional performers to the more contemporeary "street magic" style.

Click here for a showreel




Caricaturists are always popular. For product launches and corporate promotions they can theme / brand their caricatures to your requirements. Caricatures can also be presented as badges, pocket mirrors and key-rings.

Silhouette Artist- to enquire about this act please quote act code chbu


Silhouette Artists

The Victorian art of silhouette cutting entails cutting a subject's silhouette swiftly and accurately- a super alternative to caricatures at private and corporate functions. Also ideal for Victorian/1920s theme functions.

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Pickpocket - to enquire about this act please qu



Our dextrous pickpocket can work in a strolling format, combining his skills with close up magic. He can also present an after dinner cabaret, during which he picks a subject's pockets and even steals a necktie!

For a demo of the cabaret, click here...

charlie chaplin mime artist


Mime artists

Mime artists can work in traditional French white-face and striped-top style, as a Pierrot or Harlequin Character (ideal for Italian theme functions) or as illustrated here as Charlie Chaplin.

balloon modeller


Balloon Modellers

Many of our balloon modellers work very successfully at functions for adults. For something a little different, why not try our balloon caricatures, as shown here?

fortune teller


Fortune Teller

Our fortune tellers can work as a strolling entertainer, or seated at a table. Skills include palmistry, tea leaf reading, sand reading (perfect for Arabian theme functions) and tarot.




Is it a science or an art? This fascinating skill is employed to great effect as a strolling entertainment. The graphologist gives brief 5 minute "readings" during which she efffectively and amazingly (but tactfully!) summarises the personality of the subject.

crystal ball manipulators


Crystal ball manipulator

Crystal ball manipulation, or contact juggling, works very well at close quarters as a strolling entertainment. The performers can dress conventionally, or in wierd and wonderful costumes.

Click for video of a leading UK contact juggler.



Origami artist

With a few deft folds, our origami artist produces delightful paper creations for your guests to take away and keep.

performance poet


Performance Poet

Our performance poet uses audience ideas to weave a rhyming and entertaining poem. Poems can be comic or serious, to suit audience requirements, but always create a talking point amongst guests.

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Visual Entertainment- click to expand/hide
olympic style statue artist


Statue Artists

Our statue artists are available in a very wide range of costumes, styles and themes, from stone and bronze statues to almost-edible-looking chocolate statues.

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stilt walkers slide show


Stilt Walkers

Our stilt walkers have between them hundreds of colourful, wacky and entertaining costumes, to suit every theme under the sun.

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human carpet


Human Carpet

Transform your entrance area with a unique human carpet. Your event will be a talking point from the moment the guests arrive. The artiste greets guests and offers hand-outs if required.

classic bond girl


Costumed meet and greet

Our character actors can meet and greet guests on arrival, adding a touch of drama, glamour or colour. Popular themes using character actors include James Bond (see left), 1920s and Hollywood (see below for themes)

invisible man magician


Invisible Man

A high impact visual act, ideal as an unusual meet and greet entertainment. This artiste also performs some close up magic as this iconic film character.

invisible man magician


Stunt Performers

Our highly skilled team of stunt performers are available to meet and greet at the start of your event, and can then put on an after dinner show themed to your requirements. Popular themes for our stunt performers include Medieval, Prohibition, Wild West and Pirates (see themes below).

lookalikes - click for more images



Lookalikes are always popular at receptions, launches and promotions, where they create a visual draw and provide photo opportunities.

Click here for images of a few of our lookalikes.....

robotic artists


Robotic Artists

Add a sci-fi feel to your event with our human robotic artists.

invisible man magician


Bubble Performer

Our bubble performer is ideal for entertaining a queue, or during a drinks reception. He can also perform a cabaret after dinner. Feats include bubbles within bubbles, giant bubbles, and puttingan audience member inside a bubble.

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Ideal for the start of your function, these performers combine mime, visual humour and witty banter, greeting your guests with a touch of class.

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Spoof and Surprise Entertainment - click to expand/hide
spoof waiters - click for more images


Spoof Waiters

This zany bunch of performers brings havoc to your function (in a totally controlled way). Starting the function as slightly unusual waiters, they build the comedy through the course of the evening, taking the guests through disbelief and realisation into hysterics!

Click here for more a slideshow and more info.....

spoof paparazzi- available in 1920s and modern styles.


Spoof Paparazzi

Your guests are given the star treatment, being greeted on the steps of the venue by a pack of paparazzi. This is extremely popular for 1920s functions (1920s paparazzi shown here) but we also have modern paparazzi. We can optionally use real cameras and make images available afterwards, or send live video into the venue.

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operatic waiters


Operatic Waiters

Guests are surprised and entertained when the waiters and members of the kitchen staff burst into song. Also available-singing policemen, and other scenarios to suit your occasion.

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spoof party guests


Spoof Party Guests

Our comedy character actors are always happy to create spoof characters which believably or unbelievably might attend or appear at your function. Call us for more details.


Caricature masks


Caricature Masks

Something you've probably never seen before- This utterly zany entertainment uses the speed-drawing skills of a caricaturist to produce masks for your guests to wear. Generates hours of fun and much hilarity!

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operatic waiters


Living Chair

Another very unusual attraction- The "living chair" which comes to life and gives you a hug! Ideal as a unique talking point at your party.

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Caricature masks


Comedy Fortune Teller

Our charming but slightly unhinged clairvoyant reads tea leaves, gazes into her crystal ball and comes up with the most unlikely of predictions. Is this woman gifted or just totally crazy? Character comedy and improv. combine in this unique act.

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Fire and Light - click to expand/hide
fire juggler


Fire Artists

From a solo fire juggler to an elaborately produced fire and pyrotechnics show, our fire artists can work alone or in groups to entertain at any size of function.

Click here for video of a fire show.....

glow performer


Glow Artists

Ideal for winter events, our glow jugglers use modern LED technology to bring colour and pzzaz to your function.

Click here for video of our glow show....

illuminated fairy costume


Illuminated Costumes

Many of our performers are now using LED technology to add light to their costumes. Ideal for winter events ourdoors and in.


human table with canapes


Illuminated Human Tables

Some of our human tables are now available with built-in lighting

Click here for images of more human tables.....

For more information on fire shows and glow shows, please use these links: Fire shows - Glow Shows


Side Shows - click to expand/hide
Beat The Cheat


Beat The Cheat

Pit your wits agains our cardshark in a modern version of the fairground booth of the same name.


James Bond 007 laser shooting gallery


Shooting Gallery

We can supply a number of competitive and just-for-fun target-based activities such as laser shooting, some of which can be themed to your requirements.

Batak game



As featured on TV & used by various football clubs as a training aid, Batak is a fast & fun game which tests co-ordination & reactions. The player must hit the LEDs when they light up, seeing how many "hits" can be scored in 60 seconds.

Fun Casino


Fun Casinos

Our fun casinos have long been popular at corporate functions and charity events. We use professional croupiers and full sized club-quality tables and chips. Fun money can be printed with your logo or personalisation.
Batak game


Magic Photo Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall...... A magic mirror which interacts visually and verbally with participants, and takes a photo which is printed out below. Images can also be shared over social media

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Unusual Bar Staff - click to expand/hide
flair bar tender


Flair Bar Tenders

Our dextrous flair bar tenders add visual impact and our knowledgeable mixologists create stunning and delicious cocktails. We can also provide a cocktail bar.

aerial bar tenders


Aerial Bar Tenders

In this highly unusual and visual entertainment, drinks are served by costumed aerialists acting as flying bar tenders.

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human tables - click for more images


Human Tables

Our human tables can be used to serve reception drinks or canapes, and can be dressed cover most themes.

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spoof waiters - click for more images


Spoof Waiters

This zany bunch of performers brings havoc to your function (in a totally controlled way). Starting the function as slightly unusual waiters, they build the comedy through the course of the evening, taking the guests through disbelief and realisation into hysterics!

Click here for more info.....


Themed Entertainment- click to expand/hide
We follow with a range of themes we are often asked to cover. The list is not exhaustive and we cover many other themes. As alsways, we work best for our clients when given details of the brief and a few days to put together a proposal tailored to your requirements.
Klezmer band



Welcomed to the event by The Master of The Feast, your guests are entertained by a madrigal group and an ornately dressed court jester. Henry VIII himself makes an appearance. Later in the evening, a disagreement breaks out between some of the King's knights, who fight a duel.

Eastern European quartet


James Bond

Guests are welcomed by glamorously dressed bond girls and the sound of our cocktail pianist. Alongside the entrance are a pair of goldfinger human statues. Characters from the bond films mingle with the guests, including 007 himself, Jaws, M, Oddjob and Q. Entertainment later in the evening includes a fun casino and stunt sequence.

Eastren European/Romanian theme band


Las Vegas

Our glamourous showgirls meet and greet guests on arrival, to the strains of classic tunes from the Rat-Pack era. Other entertainment includes a cardshark, fun casino and dance performance.

Gypsy/jazz/classical duo



Various options include stylish Art Deco (Flapper girls mingle with guests on arrival, to the sound of muted trumpet from our dance orchestra), American Prohibition (gangster stunt performers and character actors, card sharks and fun casino).

Eastren European/Romanian theme band


Moulin Rouge/French

Our cancan dancers meet and greet guests on arrival, to the strains of a solo accordionist. Strolling entertainment is provided by a traditional Parisian style mime artist. During dinner, entertainment is provided by a French chanteuse. The cabaret after the meal features the cancan dancers in traditional style.

Eastern European/Romanian theme band


Fire and Ice

This highly visual theme is very popular for Christmas functions: Fire jugglers appear outside the venue as guests arrive. During drinks, entertainers include our Jack Frost style contact jugglers, and the evening ends with a spectacularly produced fire show featuring music and pyrotechnics. More info on fire and ice here

Eastern European/Romanian theme band



As guests arrive, they are given the star treatment by our paparazzi. In the entrance area, our statue artists are dressed as golden oscars, whilst lookalikes mingle with the guests. Other ideas include fun casinos and flair bar tenders.

Eastren European/Romanian theme band



Reception entertainment includes a Chinese Magician, Origamist and a Calligraphist. After dinner, a Lion Dance heralds the start of the cabaret, which also includes candle rolling, ribbon dance, flag dance and martial arts.

More information on Chinese entertainment

Eastren European/Romanian theme band



This is an ideal theme for a family function: We can provide a wide range of lookalikes and character actors, some of whom are stunt trained.

More information on superheroes

Eastren European/Romanian theme band



Another popular theme for family functions. Can include generic pirate characters, or lookalikes of characters from Pirates of the Caribbean.

More information on pirates





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